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The objective of this feature is to improve and highlight the various notifications to the authority made by the operator. It will illustrate the regulatory deadlines for notification with configurable thresholds to match the various competent authorities (DSAC, FAA, TCAC…).

The settings for this new feature are available on the administration interface, Alerts/Notifications module

Step 1 :
Add 1 to 3 notification delays
Step 2 :
Add several thresholds per delay
Step 3 :
Activate the possibility to notify by form type

The principle

The notification will appear as follows on a report:

One line will correspond to one notification. There will be one to three lines and therefore one to three notification buttons depending on the settings in the administration interface.

A cursor will indicate the next notification to be made. It will be placed on the first notification line (here 72h) when the report is received on the Cube and will move to the second notification when the first one is done.

The following steps cannot be accessed (they will be greyed out) until the step on the cursor is completed.

For instance : The first notification to the authority has been made and the cursor is on the second notification step (second line), the third notification (third line) will then be greyed out until the second notification is made

⚠ The previous steps will still be available. This will allow the completion of the first analysis and also the notification within the regulatory delays.
If several notifications are made within the same delay to complete its analysis, the first notification date is kept in the table for delay statistics and thresholds…

Thresholds (colours)

Concerning the filling of the colours (thresholds) according to the delays :

It will be possible to set thresholds for each delay. These thresholds can be represented by colours that can be set in the administration interface. Each colour will define a number of days before the end of the current deadline.

For instance : I can set a colour orange if I arrive 3 days before a deadline for the 2nd notification at 1 month.

If the step has been validated within the regulatory deadline, the corresponding box will turn green when notified.
If the step is not yet validated (i.e. still a few days before the delay), the corresponding box is filled in orange.
If the step has been validated after the regulatory deadline, the corresponding box will change to red at the time of notification to illustrate the delay.

For instance : by taking the case on the admin the boxes will be coloured in orange in the following cases :

  • Case 72h: 24-hour attention span
  • Case 1 month: 3-day attention period
  • Case 3 month: 7-day attention period

⚠ This threshold colour is only a warning of a possible delay in the current notification. It indicates that the deadline is approaching. However, it will never be permanent.

When notified, it will either change from the colour of non-delay (green generally) or the colour of the delay set in the thresholds (red generally) to indicate that the notification has been made later than the set delay.

For example :

  • The first notification was made in time for delay 1 (72 hours).
  • The second notification was late compared to the delay 2 (1 month).
  • The third notification must be made and its deadline 3 approaches (3 months).

Deactivation of the notification for a report

A “switch” is available on each report to deactivate the notification. It will be set to “on” by default for all forms affected by the notification (as a reminder, the notification is first activated by form type).

The user will be able to disable the notification by setting this switch to “off” for all reports that they do not wish to notify. This will then grey out the notification area and he will no longer have alerts on that report.

When the notification is deactivated (switch to off) and one or more notifications have been made then the cursor is cleared and the next steps are greyed out.

Here is a diagram to explain how this disable button works


  • If the report is closed, the cursor disappears and subsequent notifications are disabled.
  • The notification button is now separated from the “Edit” button.
  • The “Details” button will be located at the top right and will keep the “same” behaviour but will add one to three columns (depending on the deadline setting) to identify the notification:
  • On the E-report module, the different steps of the notification will be visible in the “Notified” column as below:

We hope that this feature will improve your daily operations.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Safety Line support