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SafetyCube Release Note 20/07/2022

Safety Cube release note

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SafetyCube new version

Dear user,
A new version of SafetyCube will be deployed on your server today.
In addition to fixing existing problems, this new version includes the new features described below.

Therefore, we recommend you to read this note carefully. Do not hesitate to contact the support team if you have any questions.

Informing and blocking when several users edit a report at the same time

On the E-report module of the SafetyCube, a banner will warn you and block the editing of a report when another user is already editing the report to avoid overwriting the data. The user will not be able to edit the report while someone else is editing it. This is how this new feature will be displayed on a report:

Intermediary saving of findings/actions on the Portal

This new feature will appear in the Portal interface. It allows a findings or action to be temporarily saved on SafetyPortal without losing the previously saved data.The findings or actions can be retrieved up to the point where they are sent and transmitted to SafetyCube.
⚠Reminder : In order to have/give access to a finding or action on the Portal, the user must be assigned responsibility for the deviation or action.

Sur le Safety Portal

When the user is assigned for a finding or an action, it will appear on his/her Safety Portal.
It can then fill in the available fields to propose a response to the action, or an action plan and an analysis of the causes and contributing factors of the finding.
He will then have the possibility to either send his analysis directly or to save his answer in an intermediate way.

The intermediate save button will save the items already filled in but it will not send the finding/action to the Cube, i.e. the status will remain Open. To send it to the Cube, you will need to save and send the finding/action.
If the user makes an intermediate save, it will still be available in the list of open finding/actions (with the red icon and counter).An asterisk will indicate the intermediate saves on its finding/actions as below:

For example

  • I open a finding that has the status open.
  • I fill in the “Causes and Contributing Factors” field with answers
  • I add an attachment
  • I click on “Intermediary Save”.
  • I leave the Portal
  • I reopen the Portal
  • I find this same finding still in the “open” section with the “causes and contributing factors” field already filled in, and with the PJs that I had added
  • I click on “Save and send”.”
  • My finding goes into the “in progress” section and is no longer editable (same behaviour)

Safety Cube

If the Portal user creates an intermediary save of his finding, this will not be visible on the Safety Cube. The changes will only be available on the Safety Cube (management interface) when the Portal user clicks on “Save and send”.

In order to prevent SafetyCube users from overwriting elements of the Portal user’s finding/action intermediary save, an information banner will be displayed on the finding/action (before editing and during editing):

⚠ In the event that a Cube user overwrites the Portal user’s intermediary save, a modal will notify the Portal manager that their intermediary save is no longer available:

We hope that this feature will improve your daily operations.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Safety Line support
+33 (0)1 55 43 75 73