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For Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP), an efficient SMS is the key to ensure Safety Performance.

ICAO Annex 19 requires ANSPs to implement a Safety Management System to improve safety levels. 

SafetyCube is the only compliance, safety, and risk management solution dedicated to aviation that connects all your data to proactively support your strategy and maximize safety benefits.

Our aviation safety expert team will help you establish the best strategy to mitigate your risks.

BowTie approach

Connect all your safety data to get real time risk assessment using our dynamic BowTie technology. 

All your BowTies are automatically fed by event notifications to easily evaluate the efficiency of your barriers and put in place required actions.

Monitor your actions, events or findings easily with filters, sorts and receive automated alerts from the system when deadlines are reached.

Main modules

E-report: Manage all your reports, run analysis, do risk assessment, notify authority

Risk Assessment: Map your risks using the dynamic BowTie technology and get a real-time risk matrix

Audit: Manage your audits, create checklists from standard, generate non-conformities

Publication: Promote safety with a dedicated module and follow up on who received and who validated the reading

Monitoring: Build your own KPI based on your safety data using this statistical module

Change Management: Established effective change management process to adapted mitigation mesures

Standard management: Uploade your standards and follow up on compliance

Findings: Generate non conformities, put in place actions and comply with regulation


Leverage your data to proactively supports your risk and management strategy toward improved safety. 

Build your own graphs and KPI from your safety data using our indicator module, a dedicated aviation BI plateform to monitor and improve your safety strategy.

“[…] The SAFETY CUBE has been selected after an international call for tender for the purchase of a Safety and Quality Management software. Selection criteria included the functional and technical completeness, the training program, the technical assistance and operational support as well as the experience and the human and technical capacities mobilized by the tenderer. The SAFETY CUBE has the advantage of being an integrated Safety and Quality management system […]”.

Maharo RAKOTONAVAHY, Integrated Management System Process & Procedures Leader, ASECNA

ANSP Customers

More about SafetyCube

Download the leaflet, ask for a demo or contact us to learn more about efficient safety, risk and compliance management ANSPs with SafetyCube.

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