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Safety Cube Release Note 09/2022

Safety Cube release note

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SafetyCube new version

Dear user,
A new version of SafetyCube will be deployed on your server this week.
In addition to fixing existing problems, this new version includes the new features described below.

Therefore, we recommend you to read this note carefully. Do not hesitate to contact the support team if you have any questions.

In this version, the performance of the application has been improved. We invite you to perform Ctrl + Maj + R manipulation in order to refresh the cache of your browser

Predefined searches

Pre-saved filters are an improvement of the filter functionality available on each module. The current filter functionality has been upgraded to include filter set registration.
This feature can be activated from the administration interface on each module:

Once the functionality is activated from the administration, you can create pre-registered filters by site directly from this interface. They will then be available on the Cube for users of the selected sites.

For example: On the E-report module, it is possible to create a pre-registered filter as below for the E-report module:

It will then be available on the E-report module:

Each user will also be able to create their own pre-saved filters on the Safety Cube. To do this, you will have to add the filters on the module and then click on the gear on the top right, add a title and save. The filters will then be pre-registered for the user. These filters will be unique for each user. Users will be able to delete only their filter set.

Improved workflow notification

Possibility of notifying a closed report

You will now be able to notify a report with a closed status in the information panel on the right.

Once your report is closed, you will see the following behavior on the notification:

  • The cursor indicating the notification step disappears
  • The boxes don’t fill anymore (no color)
  • But you have the possibility to notify via the dedicated button

If the report is notified with the status closed then the threshold color (set in the administration interface) will appear.

For example: If the report is closed after the first notification then:

  • the cursor disappears from the second notification,
  • the boxes of the 2nd, 3rd notification aren’t filled in but the button of the first and second notification remains available:

If the notification is made then the box takes the color according to the delay or not (same operation with the thresholds…). If the report is notified after the threshold then the color of the box will generally be red and if it is notified before then the color will generally be green. There will be no intermediate color.

Summary when the notification is sent

When notifying, the previously notified date and authority records on the report will be available. This will allow selecting the same authorities from one notification to another.

For example: At the time of the last notification, when sending the report you will be able to see the authorities previously notified and the date as below:

User filtering for the Message function

On the Safety Cube messaging system, you can add mailing lists to send messages to a group of people.

These lists can be configured on the administration interface on the E-report module in the same place as the mailing lists on the Safety Portal. To make them appear in the Cube’s messaging system, the “Form type” field is not mandatory.

We hope that this feature will improve your daily operations.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Safety Line support
+33 (0)1 55 43 75 73