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Release Notes Safety Cube 01/2023

Safety Cube release note

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SafetyCube new version

Dear user,
A new version of SafetyCube has been deployed on your Sandbox server.
This new version includes a significant improvement on the E-report module.
We suggest you to register for one of the following demonstration sessions:
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You can test this version on your Sandbox environments. This will be deployed in production on Monday 30 January from 6pm (UTC+1).
We suggest you to read this note carefully. Do not hesitate to contact the support team if you have any questions.

When connecting for the first time after the update, we invite you to perform Ctrl + Maj + R manipulation in order to refresh the cache of your browser.

Diffusion of reports – Sites


❓ Notion of site: The tool makes it possible to integrate an organisation into sites and sub-sites. Sites allow you to organise and filter information but also to define the level of visibility of the software content for each user.
Each user is attached to a site; if they have access to the Cube interface, they can only see the content (reports, actions, findings, bow-ties depending on the domain) of their site and of the sites below them.
⚠ If the user only has access to the portal interface then his site will define the reception site on the Safety Cube. When sending his report, he can choose a link site if he has sub-sites. This is the “sender” site of the report.

For example : All reports sent to the Sub-ENAC site will be seen by the ENAC and Siège sites which are parent sites. This is a structure chart: This is a flow chart:

The feature – Adding diffusion sites

This feature is only available to users with access to the CUBE interface.

It is available on the right-hand panel of the E-reports to distribute the report to other sites.

When diffusion sites are chosen, people at the selected sites will be able to see the report on their Safety Cube.
The diffusion site follows the same behaviour as for the “classic” sites, i.e. the users of the selected sites will have access to the report on the Cube according to their role (read, write, delete).

To distribute a report to other sites you will need to have the right to edit the report (same as for changing sites).
For example: if a user diffuses the report on sub site 1, by default site 1 will be selected too. In effect, whatever sub site 1 sees, site 1 will have to see but sub site 2 will not have to see the same thing as sub site 1.

Depending on the level of each user in the sites, he will only be able to see his sub-sites in the broadcast sites as in the sites. He will not see his parent sites.

Complementary information

Here are the changes that come with this new feature:

  • History: You will be able to track in the history all the changes made on the broadcast sites according to the site.
  • Export: It is possible to extract in your export the diffusion sites.
  • Filter: A new filter is available to filter on its sites.
  • Sort and Column: It is possible to activate a column in the E-report table to sort by broadcast site.

Diffusion of reports – Users


Currently it is possible to distribute a report to one or more people through the message system.
One or more users must be added to the messages and they can receive the report on their Portal and/or Cube and be notified by email.
The aim of this new feature is to be able to distribute reports in the same way but without going through a message.
⚠ Using messaging also remains a way of diffusion.

The feature

This new option is available on E-reports to distribute the report to users.

You can add one or more users via the share button. They will then receive the report on their Portal and/or Cube depending on their role. They will be notified by email that a new report is available for them.
You will find the list of shared users on the same button:

Complementary information

Voici les changements qui accompagne cette nouvelle fonctionnalité:

  • History: You will be able to track in the history all changes made on shared users.
  • Export: It is possible to extract in your export the users to whom you have distributed the report.
  • Filter: A new filter is available for this feature.
  • Sort and Column: It is possible to activate a column in the E-report table.

We hope that this feature will improve your daily operations.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact SITA support
+33 (0)1 55 43 75 73