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Release Note Safety Cube 11/2022

Safety Cube release note

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SafetyCube new version

Dear user,
A new version of SafetyCube will be deployed on your server Wednesday 16 November from 8pm.
In addition to fixing existing problems, this new version includes the new features described below.

Therefore, we recommend you to read this note carefully. Do not hesitate to contact the support team if you have any questions.

When connecting for the first time after the update, we invite you to perform Ctrl + Maj + R manipulation in order to refresh the cache of your browser

Customisation of E-report statuses

Description and objective

The purpose of this feature is to be able to customise the status of E-reports. You will now be able to add or modify existing statuses.

Setting the status

The settings for this new feature are available on the administration interface, “Modules” menu, then “E-Reports” following the “Mailing list” section.

On this interface, you will be able to add new statuses and change the names of existing statuses. Here are the fields available for each status:

  • Name of the Status in French (can be the same as in English)
  • Name of the Status in English (can be the same as in English)
  • The correspondence will define whether it is an old or a new status.
  • The “Export tag” field will correspond to the tag used for all exports to Safety Cube (Word/PDF/Excel). By default, it will contain the name of the status in English.

⚠ You must have at least 3 statuses. You will not be able to delete old statuses but it is possible to change their names and insert new statuses between them using the arrows.

Right to change status

A new right is available for editing statuses. This new right allows to separate status changes from the edit button. A user with the right to edit status will be able to directly change it without clicking on the edit button. A user with the right to edit the report will not necessarily be able to change the status if his role does not allow it.

To check the roles, go to the administration interface, menu “User access” then “Roles”. All roles can be found on this page. The third column corresponds to the rights on the Safety Cube interface. If you click on “Customise” you will see the rights of the role at the bottom. The right to change the status can be found here.

The functionality

The status will be presented as follows on a report:

From the administration interface you can choose a validation colour which will appear as soon as the status is checked.
The “Details” button remains the same as before.

Complementary information

  • The history will be modified with the new status.
  • Whether statuses are taken into account will depend on the current status of the report. If a new status is added after the “Open” status and the report is currently “Closed” then the new status will not appear in the report.

ZIP export

A new export of E-reports is available. You will now be able to make a ZIP export containing the desired form export and report attachments.

To choose the export of the form you want in the ZIP export, go to the administration interface, menu “Modules”, then “E-Reports”. In the “Zip export model” section, you need to enter the id of the desired export.

We hope that this feature will improve your daily operations.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact SITA support
+33 (0)1 55 43 75 73