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Our Team

At the end of 2010, Pierre Jouniaux founded Safety Line and surrounded himself with professionals in air transport and data science.

This combination of competences allowed the company to identify opportunities for early development of technologies leveraging Artificial Intelligence towards improved flight efficiency.

Management Team

Pierre Jouniaux

CEO and Founder

Aeronautical engineer (ENAC) and principal investigator at the BEA during 12 years, Pierre was involved in many major accident investigations as IIC or Accredited representative (disaster of the Concorde, American Airlines A300-600 accident in New York, Air France A340 accident in Toronto, etc.). He continued his work in aviation safety as special advisor for Vietnam Airlines on FOQA and SMS matters, as well as first officer on ATR72. At present, he totalizes 20 years experience in the fields of air operations and safety.

Eric Boucher


Aeronautical engineer of the Ecole de l’air and engineer in telecommunications of Telecom Paris Tech Eric also holds an HEC Executive MBA degree. Eric accumulated 25 years experience in both the civil and military aeronautical maintenance. Benefiting from two years experience as Deputy Director General in charge of Operations in a company delivering services in aeronautical maintenance, he currently puts its experience at the service of Safety Line’s management activities.

Karim Tekkal


Holding a Master’s degree in IT from the University of Paris VI, Karim started his carrier at the Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique,(French public establishment related to industrial and commercial activities whose mission is to develop all applications for nuclear power plants) on which he worked for the validation of on-board systems for the aeronautical certification DO-178B. In addition to his work, Karim has provided trainings at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées (ENSTA) in the on-board branch..

François Chazelle


An international aviation sales executive with a solid experience of opening new markets worldwide, François sold commercial aircraft and corporate jets during 12 years with Airbus as well as aviation technical and financial services, respectively with Bureau Veritas and Aviation Finance Company.

Safety Line Team

Paris based Safety Line offers digital solutions that enable airlines and airports to leverage existing data for safer and more efficient operations. The combination of a solid expertise in aviation associated with patented research in data science applications allows Safety Line to offer uniquely innovative and practical solutions, with a focus on better managing risks and reducing fuel and CO2 emissions.