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Our Story

Safety Line is a french company based in Paris offering innovative solutions for the safety and efficiency of aviation operations.

The foundations

The Safety Line adventure begins in the Telecom Paris Tech Incubator. At this time, the team is composed of two people: Pierre Jouniaux, the CEO & Founder, and Baptiste, a young Statistics Researcher, starting his PHD Thesis and working closely with Research Institutes.

Over the years, the team grows and welcomes new members: experts in aviation, in statistics and in computer science.

Working together on innovative solutions, the Safety Line team developed the first in-house version of its Safety, Risk and Compliance management software, SafetyCube.

Innovative solutions for the aviation industry

With years of experience as director of aircraft investigation at the BEA and as an airline pilot, Pierre Jouniaux noticed that the vast amounts of aviation data were under-used and decided to leverage existing data to redesign risk management in aviation. Based on statistical research and a dynamic BowTie risk analysis approach, the integrated Compliance, Safety and Risk management solution, SafetyCube, uses data not only to monitor and communicate on risks but also better identify them and build a risk management strategy specific to the aviation industry that matches actual operations and activity.

Offering Airlines to reduce fuel and CO2

Taking a closer look at aircraft flight data which is  recorded for safety purposes, Safety Line quickly realized that it also very precisely captures individual aircraft performance in different configurations. We therefore decided to set up an in-house data science research lab to deploy predictive and prescriptive solutions, using Machine Learning performance models for each tail to optimize specific flight phases through in-flight recommendations to pilots. We started out with the climb-out phase, which has the highest fuel burn, and developed OptiClimb, a unique in-flight solution that recommends customized climb speeds to pilots for each flight to save significant amounts of fuel and reduce emissions. We then extended our flight efficiency services to all flight phases with OptiFlight. 

Improving Airport Operations

AirsideWatch, is a solution dedicated to airports and uses ground radar data to unleash unprecedented airside analytics to improve operations, safety and environmental impact. Safety Lines research team started out by looking for correlations between braking action efficiency as analyzed through ground radar data and runway condition in cold or wet conditions. Building on that initial technology, Safety Line was able to develop solutions that analyze the efficiency of aircraft ground traffic at airports and the Team is working on predictive solutions to optimize ground traffic and reduce emissions. 

Moving into the Montparnasse Tower

In January 2019, Safety Line team moved into bigger offices at the 11th floor, and later at the 44th floor of the Montparnasse Tower, which is the highest tower in Paris.