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In-flight guidance

Fuel Savings in all flight phases

Leveraging Machine Learning for predictive in-flight guidance

Fuel is the number one Operating Cost for an airline. 

Taking a closer look at aircraft flight data recorded for safety purposes, we quickly realized that it also very precisely captures individual aircraft performance in different configurations. We therefore decided to set up an in-house data science research lab to deploy predictive and prescriptive solutions, using Machine Learning performance models for each tail to optimize specific flight phases through in-flight recommendations to pilots. We started out with climb-out phase, which has the highest fuel burn, and developed OptiClimb, a unique in-flight solution that recommends customized climb speeds to pilots for each flight to save significant amounts of fuel and reduce emissions. We then extended to other flight phases with OptiFlight. 

Fuel savings in all flight phases

OptiFlight is the only predictive in-flight guidance solutions allowing airlines to optimize all flight phases including climb thanks to Machine Learning perfomance models for each tail, accurate 4D weather forecasts, and customized recommendations issued to pilots for each flight.

Data Science in the cockpit

Thanks to Machine Learning performance models obtained from historical flight data for each tail, OptiFlight processes flight plan information together with accurate 4D weather forecasts to predict fuel burn in tens of thousands of scenarios for each flight phase. It can then recommend the most efficient scenarios to the pilots through additional information in their briefing package, whether paper or electronic or via the SITA for Aircraft eWAS Pilot App.


Thanks to customized speed changes at different altitudes, climb out offers a systematic savings opportunity.


OptiSpeed shows pilots fuel & time impact of Mach variations to enable on-time arrival at best fuel/time ratio. 


OptiDirect recommends shortcuts the pilots can request to ATC based on historical tracks flown, with an indication of fuel and time savings taking into account the wind and temperatures forecasts for the flight. Thanks to this technology, all pilots can benefit from historical shortcuts.


OptiLevel advises pilots on the best initial flight level potential and cruise level changes taking winds into account.


OptiDescent helps pilots better anticipate on Distance to Go based on Machine Learning of historical approach patterns.

Savings Achieved

Transavia France was the first airline to implement OptiClimb and OptiDirect.

Transavia’s savings:

  • 85kg fuel savings per climb
  • 18.067 OptiClimb flights in 2019
  • 4.837 t CO2 footprint reduction in 2019

Within AeroLogic, sustainable operations is a priority for all. We are excited to innovate with OptiClimb, a unique solution that empowers our pilots to further contribute to more efficient and greener operations.

Joe Moser, Managing Director at AeroLogic

AirAsia is making every effort to improve its operational efficiency and become a digital airline in all aspects of our business including flight operations, and OptiFlight will allow us to leverage vast amounts of flight data with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions”

Javed Malik, Group Chief Operations Officer, AirAsia

“ Transavia is proud to be an innovation partner to Safety Line, and as such, to have been the launch customer for both OptiClimb and OptiDirect. We are very pleased with this new patent, which comes as a fruit of our cooperation. ”

Emmanuel Cachia, VP Flight Operations at Transavia France

“ I would like to congratulate Safety Line for this new patent. OptiDirect, which our pilots have been using since January 2020, aligns perfectly with our continued efforts towards implementing more eco-flying solutions and contributes to our sustainability commitments. ”

Jean Fernandez, VP Flight Operations at Air France

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Download the leaflet, ask for a demo, or contact Safety Line team to learn more about fuel saving solution OptiFlight.

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