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Mailing list

The objective of this feature is to being able to set up mailing lists in the administration interface and then send reports created in the Portal directly to these mailing lists.

The settings for this new feature are available on the administration interface, by going to Modules/E-report/Mailing list

Step 1 :
Activate the “Mailing list” section
Step 2 :
Fill in the 3 mandatory fields for each list:

  • Title
  • Addressees
  • Form type

The principle

This new feature will appear in the Portal interface when submitting a new report. On forms with one or more mailing lists set up, a new section will be available.
In this section the user will have access to the different mailing lists set up for this type of form with a checkbox. If one or more lists are selected, an email will be sent to the recipients of the list. A Safety Portal user will thus have the possibility to send his report to a group of people.

For instance : When writing my report, I choose to distribute the report to the “Maintenance” list. When sending the report, an email will automatically be sent to the users of this list:

The e-mail

The email is fully customizable from the administration interface. A standard template is available. Do not hesitate to contact the support for the setting of this email.

Display on the Safety Cube

When the report is sent to the Safety Cube, the information of the diffusion will appear in the history of it.

For instance : If the “Maintenance” mailing list is selected when sending the report from the Portal, the information will appear in the history of the report.


Here is a diagram that describes the feature :

We hope that this feature will improve your daily operations.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Safety Line support