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French President François Hollande meets Safety Line

Following tradition, number of French and foreign key political figures visited the famous Paris Air Show 2015 held from 15 to 21 June 2015 in Paris – Le Bourget. In this 51st edition, Safety Line had the pleasure of welcoming François Hollande on its booth. 

Pierre Jouniaux – founder and CEO – presented OptiClimb, a solution optimizing the flight climb profile and thus reduce the airliners’ fuel consumption. This solution answers both the economical and environmental stakes of the air transport sector.



Since the climb phase of flight represents the largest part of fuel consumption, substantial economies (200kg of kerosene per flight) could be realized merely by varying the climb speed instead of adopting a constant speed. This could represent a saving of €60 million per year for an airline that operates 1,000 daily flights. A first operational experimentation is under progress with Transavia.

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