They trust us

“Bureau Veritas, Aeronautical and Aerospacial section, has been a reference in the field of air safety for the last  90 years. We placed our trust in Safety Line’s team in the field of  SMS training, given its experience and pluridisciplinary nature. The Bureau Veritas Aeronautical and Aerospace section found in this partnership a source of innovation at the service  of the educational programme:  going beyond regulatory compliance, Safety Line suggests a single methodology directly applicable by our customers to improve their performances in risk management.”
Antoine BLIN, Consultant, Technical department of Bureau Veritas, Aeronautical and Aerospacial section
“SAFETY CUBE is THE constantly evolving and user-friendly SMS system. It continually takes into account its users comments to make it more operational by adapting it to its users. The support and the advice on the use are omnipresent in order to offer a complete and rational efficiency.”
Alain CHASTANET, SMS Manager, Air Méditerranée
“A first and positive appraisal with already visible benefits despite very recent acquisition. The SAFETY CUBE is a fair promise that makes us want to go further in operational risk management and their analysis. It is easy-to-use, efficient, dynamic and helps saving considerable time thanks to a proper methodology. Safety Line offers a continuous assistance and a comprehensive training. Their involvement and responsiveness allow an effective monitoring and a good adaptation of this tool to our needs. A first assessment that makes us looking forward to using it into full operation mode.”
Safety / Compliance Team, Nantes Atlantique Airport
“[…] The SAFETY CUBE has been selected after an international call for tender for the purchase of a Safety and Quality Management software. Selection criteria included the functional and technical completeness, the training program, the technical assistance and operational support as well as the experience and the human and technical capacities mobilized by the tenderer. The SAFETY CUBE has the advantage of being an integrated Safety and Quality management system […]”.
Maharo RAKOTONAVAHY, Integrated Management System Process & Procedures Leader, ASECNA
“Based on our unique, challenging and ever changing business environment, Solenta Aviation needed an equally robust and flexible safety system. SAFETY CUBE electronic Safety and Quality Management System was selected to meet our diverse requirements.”
Paul HURST, Managing Director, Solenta Aviation
“Air Caraïbes Atlantique is a key player in air transport towards the West Indies and makes Safety its top priority. Our partnership with Safety Line allowed us to work on the design of a practical safety management tool adapted to our operations. Safety Line places particular emphasis listening to customers’ experience. Their responsiveness and efficiency permits us to optimize our management system.”
Olivier AUBERT, Safety & Compliance Manager, Air Caraïbes Atlantique
“We use SAFETY CUBE in order to promote Safety on our platform. This tool brings us compliance with many EASA requirements for airport safety certification. […] The classification of hazards is built on the ICAO ADREP taxonomy. The risk mapping is proposed in the form of a BowTie that grows continually. It helps to detect the development of a dangerous situation at the aerodrome and take appropriate measures. We can also verify the reliability of the defenses and thus assess their effectiveness. […]

We particularly appreciate this all-in-one expert software, which is very easy to use, as well as the responsiveness, the assistance and the expertise of the Support Team with which we have already set up a real partnership.”

Christine MARQUE, SMS Manager, Pau - Pyrénées Airport