By 2015, all IATA members will have to comply with the IOSA program.
SafetyCube is an integrated risk management software that meets both safety and compliance standards.
Take advantage of aeronautics, statistics and Big Data expertise of our team.

About SafetyCube

  • A unique risk management software that integrates every aspect of your operational safety and compliance.

Key features

Main modules

Safety & Compliance overview

Monitor your actions, events or findings easily with filters, sorts and get alerts by the systemwhen deadlines are reached
  • All the data recorded in SafetyCube can be used in order to monitor your indicators.
  • Build your own graphs and statistics through our interface with the help of our aviation experts.

Safety & Compliance Management Process

More information

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Your Questions

“What is the difference between the SafetyCube and other risk management systems?”

SafetyCube is the first and unique software for operational aviation risk management that integrates all safety aspects. This innovative solution brings a global visibility on risks and efficiency of the defences.

“Is data secured?”

Data is secured and confidential. Safety Line uses the HTTPS protocol for Portal access and for web services calls. The database is hosted on a server that we operate directly.

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Many companies have been attracted by the expertise of our team and found a real source of innovation in our solutions.

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