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Radar Data at work

AirsideWatch is an advanced digital solution that processes ground radar data to unleash unprecedented airside analytics to improve aircraft ground traffic safety, efficiency, and environmental impact.

How can airports do more with the same infrastructure?

AisideWatch can provide a solution through the use of already available Data that until now has been largely left aside. The ground  radars installed at major airports usually serve the purpose of monitoring live ground traffic of aircraft and airside vehicles for safety purposes. This surface movement data is then usually stored with a possibility to “replay” past activity in a similar manner as rewinding a video player.

By breaking down ground radar data into searchable aircraft trajectories, Safety Line’s AirsideWatch unleashes powerful airport operations and safety analytics , allowing all types of searches on a variety of criteria such as multiple points of passage, airline, aircraft type, date and time, type of trajectory phase, and visibility and lighting conditions.

Furthermore, trajectories are broken down into specific phases, from parking and pushback to alignment and take-off, or from landing and runway exit to gate, with the possibility to identify the time and distance covered between any two phases. This allows for additional analytics such as taxi time and distance, time at gate, or time at de-icing bays. 

AirsideWatch also helps airports monitor much more precisely than ever their noise and emissions impact by feeding noise and emissions simulation models with extremely precise inputs from actual aircraft trajectories, including speeds and accelerations. 

From Radar Data to searchable trajectories

Aircraft surface movement radar date is broken down into trajectories for each aircraft movement, from landing to gate or gate to takeoff.

radar data aircraft trajectories

Search parameters

Aircraft trajectories can be searched by:

  • Multiple points of passage
  • On ground / Airborn
  • Arrival / departure
  • Gate or stand, Runway
  • Airline
  • Aircraft type
  • Origin / Destination
  • Visibility & lighting conditions
  • Date and/or time window

Customizable Dashboards

Multiple dashboards can be created using combination of any of the above parameters

  • Lists
  • Barcharts
  • Series
  • Maps
  • Signals
  • Metrics
airsidewatch customizable dashboards

Efficiency Analytics

  • Runway occupancy time
  • Thoughtput of runways / de-icing bays
  • Delays at holding points
  • Congestion detection
  • Taxiing time
  • Most used taxiing routes

Environmental Module

Real-time & historical noise & emissions reporting.

Emissions & Air Quality :

  • Daily reporting per aircraft & airline based on actual aircraft trajectories
  • Modelling of Air Quality (dispersal)


  • Noise modelling
  • Benchmarking vs actual measurement
airsidewatch safety module

Safety Module

Automated detection of safety events

  • Runway incursion
  • Runway excursion
  • Take-off performance issues
  • Aircraft / vehicle conflicts

Talpa RCC Dashboard

Automated real-time updates of RCCs for each 1/3rd of runway.

airsidewatch talpa dashboard

“AirsideWath provides us with unprecedented visibility on everything that happens at any location on our aprons, taxiways and runways, at any given time. This makes for powerful analytics that will allow Paris airports to further improve their efficiency and safety while limiting their environmental impact ”

Edward Arkwright, Deputy CEO of Groupe ADP

AirsideWatch users

More about AirsideWatch

Download the leaflet, ask for a demo, or contact Safety Line team to learn more about fuel saving solution OptiFlight.

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