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For Airports

SafetyCube is the answer to all your Safety and Compliance Management needs.

SafetyCube offers dedicated features to match airport specific operations such as geomapping tools, change management in compliance EASA requirements or automatic notification to ECCAIRS using E5X format.

BowTie approach

Connect all your safety data to get real time risk assessment using our dynamic BowTie technology. 

All your BowTies are automatically fed by event notifications to easily evaluate the efficiency of your barriers and put in place required actions.

Monitor your actions, events or findings easily with filters, sorts and receive automated alerts from the system when deadlines are reached.

Main modules

E-report: Manage all your reports, run analysis, do risk assessment, notify authority

Risk Assessment: Map your risks using the dynamic BowTie technology and get a real-time risk matrix

Audit: Manage your audits, create checklists from standard, generate non-conformities

Publication: Promote safety with a dedicated module and follow up on who received and who validated the reading

Monitoring: Build your own KPI based on your safety data using this statistical module

Change Management: Established effective change management process to adapted mitigation mesures

Standard management: Uploade your standards and follow up on compliance

Findings: Generate non conformities, put in place actions and comply with regulation


Leverage your data to proactively supports your risk and management strategy toward improved safety. 

Build your own graphs and KPI from your safety data using our indicator module, a dedicated aviation BI plateform to monitor and improve your safety strategy.

“ We use SafetyCube as a means to promote Safety on our platform. It also helps us ensure and demonstrate compliance with many EASA requirements for airport safety certification. […] The classification of hazards is built on the ICAO ADREP taxonomy. The risk mapping is proposed in the form of a BowTie that evolves continuously. This helps detect the potential development of a dangerous situation on the platform and take appropriate measures. We can also verify the reliability of the defense barriers and thus assess their effectiveness. […]

We particularly appreciate this all-in-one expert software, which is very easy to use, as well as the responsiveness, diligence and expertise of the  Customer Support Team with which we have already set up a true partnership.”

Christine Marque, SMS Manager, Pau – Pyrénées Airport

“Delivering visible results even shortly after  implementation, SAFETY CUBE makes us want to go even further in analysing  and managing operational risks s. It is easy-to-use, efficient, dynamic and helps savie considerable time thanks to an effective methodology. Safety Line offers continued support and comprehensive training. Their involvement and responsiveness allow an effective monitoring and a good adaptation of this tool to our needs.”

Safety & Compliance team, Nantes Atlantique Airport

SafetyCube Users

More about SafetyCube

Download the leaflet, ask for a demo or contact Safety Line team to learn more about risk and compliance software SafetyCube.

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