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Research projects For Airport Operators

In 2013, French CAA (DGAC) launched a study on airport radar data in order to assess the potential use of Radar data for runway excursion prevention. Safetyline made a preliminary study for Aéroports de Paris to determine if radar data could be used to determine degradation of runway condition. The study concluded that it was possible to create indicators with radar data giving the trend for a specific runway when it becomes slippery.

Following the preliminary study, Aéroports de Paris and Safetyline launched an experiment in order to develop a tool able to analyse radar data, more precisely aircraft deceleration, and produce indicators reflecting runway condition. From there Safety Line launched an ambitious research project (Airside Watch) with ADP to address various, Safety, Operations and Environmental challenges that airports have to face now and in the near future. Air Traffic increases at a Constant Growth Rate of 5%, which means that by 2030, the total number of passengers will have doubled.

This project has been suported by Paris Region and involved the following Research and Industry partners : LIP6IFSTTARENVISA.