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Research projects For Airport Operators

The Support tools for avoiding runway excursions is an operational method that allows to monitor runway condition continuously, with an improved accuracy and without having to stop the traffic on the runway. It has to fulfil the new ICAO requirements settle down by the TALPA-ARC concept.

The support tools for avoiding runway incursions will be an airport manager / air traffic controller interface that will provide in real time an updated Runway Coefficient Code that will be used to issue SNOWTAM, pass the information to the pilots and trigger runway closing/treatment.

Working procedures for the controllers shall be adapted to issue updated RCC when there is a change of runway conditions. The controller should therefore be provided with an HMI to receive RCC’s for each third of runways and receive a warning when there is change in the RCC value. Aéroports de Paris is a partner to this PJ03b-06 project and has subcontracted Safety Line to perform all technical activities including Machine Learning contribution.