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Research projects

For Airport Operators

Since 2013, Safety Line has conducted several Research Projects, in Collaboration with Aéroports de Paris that aim at improving Safety and Efficiency of Airport Operations.

These projects are described in the following sections and served as a foundation for the elaboration of some of our products. As an evidence of our innovation, 3 patents were obtained, of which one is a joint Safety Line and Groupe ADP patent.

New research projects are ongoing with new partners; stay tuned for new upcoming announcements…


In 2013, the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) launched a study on airport Radar data in order to assess the potential use of Radar data for the prevention of runway excursions. Safety Line made a preliminary study for Aéroports de Paris to determine if radar data could be used to determine a degradation in runway friction due to weather events. The study concluded that it was possible to create indicators with radar data giving the trend for a specific runway when it starts becoming slippery.


ADP Ingénierie is providing a service for Airports called STREAM, consisting in Landside and Airside simulations to improve airport flow managements and optimize infrastructure projects. To simplify and expedite data collection, STREAM is coupled with AirsideWatch Analytics tools that:

  • Help improve the quality of data inputs for the simulations
  • Increase the reliability of the data collection
  • Analyze all the existing traffic to give the most accurate picture of airport operations


The support tools for avoiding runway excursions is an operational method that allows to monitor runway condition continuously, with an improved accuracy and without having to stop the traffic on the runway. It has to fulfil the new ICAO requirements settle down by the TALPA-ARC concept.

The support tools for avoiding runway incursions will be an airport manager / air traffic controller interface that will provide in real time an updated Runway Coefficient Code that will be used to issue SNOWTAM, pass the information to the pilots and trigger runway closing/treatment.


(Coming soon)