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Research projects For Aircraft Operators

In a context that is evolving strongly in economic, environmental and technological terms, on-board avionics systems have changed in terms of architecture, compactness, electronics and functionalities. Now these avionics platforms are entering a new era: the era of generalized connectivity for a more autonomous aircraft. Connectivity is now the next breakthrough innovation for next generation aircraft: avionics will no longer just be onboard, but distributed both on board and on the ground. Freed from these constraints in flight, the capabilities of the more autonomous aircraft will be multiplied and substantial savings made. This is a particularly crucial issue in the context of the expected strong growth in air traffic, making air traffic control more and more complex which requires increased ground / air and air / air connectivity. For this to be possible, the avionics platform must be redefined to be connected, efficient and safe, that is the whole issue of the Connected Platform Architecture (ARDECO) project.